Taking A Look At Criticism And Self Preservation

criticism and self preservation

Criticism can be the light that helps us see clearly so that we can continue on our path to our life purpose. And self-preservation is keeping that criticism and all the other positive emotions in balance so that we can grow, prosper and enjoy life to the full.

It is interesting that most people will accept any negative feedback as an attack. They don’t see or understand that the criticism is a warning to them that something is not right or that their approach to life is lacking and needs attention. If we allow criticism to bring unnecessary tension in our lives we could miss out on learning and growing. Life would be so much easier if we didn’t take anything too seriously. We just live in the moment and worry about everything in life from very minor things to the most important ones.

Form A Fine Balance

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This is where criticism and self preservation come together and form a fine balance. If we receive too much criticism our mind starts to get obsessed with the negative and what the person who is criticizing us may be saying. We would try to find reasons why we might have made a mistake or why we may have failed. We may start to dwell on the past and on what went wrong. The more we dwell on the negative things the more we miss out on the positives in life.

It doesn’t matter if what the person is saying is completely true. Because the more focused we are on the negative and what is going wrong the more we miss out on the positive aspects of our life. So, instead of dwelling on those things we need to divert our mind and energy to the positives so that we get drawn into them. By holding ourselves back from positive aspects we are denying ourselves of true growth.

Happier And Healthier

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Those of us who are able to focus on the positives will be happier and healthier. When we are happy we are not distracted by the negative and we get drawn into positive activities like exercising and doing good things around the house. If we dwell on the criticism and can detach ourselves we will be able to make the best of our life. Instead of focusing on the criticism we should be encouraging ourselves to do more of the things we love to do.

Also when we are able to focus more on the positive criticism and self-preservation will also help us build our confidence. So, instead of having a self-depreciating talk with yourself about how great you are doing or the things you are learning and trying to improve on, we can divert our mind onto something else. We can compare ourselves to others and be proud of what we have accomplished. When we see ourselves as successful we feel better about ourselves and this can lead us to trying harder.

We Should Take Steps To Counteract It

Criticism can hinder us from living life to the fullest. When we allow criticism to prevent us from living life to its fullest we become stagnant and our spirits get lower. So instead of allowing the criticism to get to us we should take steps to counteract it.

Instead of dwelling on the criticism we should think about why we are having the criticism in the first place. We can find out the reason and do whatever it takes to correct the problem. This will help us build upon our successes and move forward.


In conclusion, if we can accept criticism with open arms and focus on improving on it we will be able to build on the positives in our life. Instead of focusing on the bad we should work on the good. By building on the positives we will be able to improve on the negative and build upon the positive in our lives. So instead of focusing on criticism and self-preservation we should be encouraging ourselves to focus on the positives in our life and then build upon those positives.

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