Self Criticism Session - A Self Treatment Guide - Self Criticism Session - A Self Treatment Guide -

Self Criticism Session – A Self Treatment Guide

self criticism session

Most people overthink about their life like problems, family, friends, workplace issues about everything, even about their future. This overthinking of life may help in making good decisions ahead but sometimes it may be harsh on yourself when you tend to take responsibilities for many things on which you have no control and begin to criticize yourself unnecessarily. There are many ways to treat yourself to get better from self-criticism.

Know When It Is Self Criticism

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As a part of life, everyone one of us will face bad things, but if you are blaming yourself for every single issue completely then it is not good for you. Due to this wrong thinking, instead of correcting your life, you may be only blaming and not bettering your life. You will eventually avoid considering your opinions and start comparing yourself to others, you will lose the will to take risks in your life.

Having these thoughts over and over, you will try hard to reach your goals, but you put some high standards without knowing your current situations which may leave you in dissatisfaction for a long time. You will bottle up the worries easily and forget to mention your desires and wishes. You may try to self harm yourself and you completely forget having your own rewards like compliments. These all factors can be considered as self-criticism.

Treat Yourself

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Next time when you feel like blaming yourself, instead of your voice or mind voice use a pen-paper method or texting method. This way your brain will develop a little consciousness of what you are writing and it gives back signals guiding you to stop treating yourself bad even a bit. Having conscious, you eventually ask yourself for some advice to make yourself better.

When you feel you are not able to hold your thoughts, think of yourself as a monk and start telling all the issues you have and answer them wisely, give and take advice from yourself. Sometimes when you need to work or when you are in need of motivation, you will tend to criticize yourself, avoid it in the first place, it may lead to serious issues. We may have many good friends in our life, but the first best friend to you is yourself, respect that and treat yourself good.

What Good Side to be Taken

Self-criticism also has its good side, the first thing is you become aware of yourself, you tend to get better at your goals, you will have a lot of control over your ego which tends to listen to others more. You even check the work many times to avoid failures.

All we can do is take good and ignore the bad, keep the good side effects that we gain from self-criticism and treat the other effects correctly.

Wrapping Up

Knowing yourself is always good but blaming yourself is not an answer for many things in your life. Treat yourself to make a better you. If you feel like things are out of your hand, you will always have your friends, family, even good psychologists to take care of you, take advice from them.

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