Overly Critical Personality Disorder: What it is and How it Affects People

overly critical personality disorder

An overly critical personality disorder is a disorder where people feel very incapable of empathy or a lack of compassion for another person or an issue. They will have a lot of trouble listening to other people’s feelings and will have a great deal of trouble telling the difference between right and wrong. Their personality becomes totally consumed with their own problems, and they will never let anyone or anything change. This can be extremely devastating to relationships because those involved will have a hard time communicating with each other. These personality disorders are extremely common in people who are around children all of the time, as well as those who are involved in abusive relationships.

People who are afflicted with an overly critical personality disorder will never make an effort to understand another person’s point of view. Instead, they will take everything personally. People who suffer from this disorder will see something as being wrong with the world or someone else when there may be very good reasons for that situation. When they are in a relationship with someone they really care about, they will have a difficult time letting go of that person and will constantly be blaming and criticizing them. Their partner will also find that they are picking a fight constantly and having a lot of drama.

Overly Critical Personality Disorder

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If you or someone you know has this personality disorder, it can be incredibly difficult to try to get them to see things from a different perspective. If they have a problem relating to other people and everything is always looking bad, then it’s important to try and get them to take a step back and see the good qualities in the person or thing that they are focusing on. When they look at something, negatively it will only make things worse. However, if a person is suffering from a personality disorder, they will be quick to criticize others without hesitation. They may even put down something completely positive that another person said because of this, their overall personality and the way that they process information will become unbalanced.

An overly critical personality disorder is often characterized by feelings of guilt and shame. The person suffering from this will feel as though they have done something wrong and that there is something wrong with them. When they are criticized for anything, they will be quick to point out their faults. This can lead to severe depression, which can actually make them feel worse.


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People with this disorder will tell the world what is wrong but will not take responsibility for their own actions. For them, criticism is an act of blame. They may tell you that what you are doing is wrong, but they will not own up to it. Because of this, you may want to avoid getting close to that person.

One of the hardest things to overcome in this type of person is to focus on their actions. Because of this, it can be very easy for them to focus on things in their past that are unfavorable. While they will focus on these things, their life will seem like a living hell. Their self-esteem will be incredibly low, and they will seem to be constantly angry. Their mannerisms will be extremely rude and abrasive, and they will often be verbally abusive.

While their behavior may not fall apart, their mental state will certainly do. This personality disorder will affect every aspect of their lives. It will destroy their career and relationships, force them into depression, and will even keep them from seeking help for their condition.

Bottom Line

To help a person with this personality disorder, you need to give them the ability to see positive aspects in everything. Criticism should never be taken personally. Instead, you should provide a lot of praise and constructive criticism. Be sure to compliment your friends and family members as well for having great attitudes and behaviors. It is also important to avoid criticizing them in front of others. Doing so can be highly self-defeating and make a person feel awful.

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